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Nov. 14th, 2005 | 07:22 pm
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posted by: aspats in betarho

National Service Week was excellent! I wish I had more pictures. The week:
MONDAY - NSW Prep Party - preparing for gingerbread making, icing making, poster making, and Mario World playing. Good times and a half.
Close up of one of the posters
Gingerbread Houses - Poster
Our demo gingerbread house, to test the icing and provide an example at the tables. peggy_the_angelPeggy Sue and Laura P. worked really hard on this.
Gingerbread Houses - test house
TUESDAY - Gingerbread House Making in the Union to benefit Habitat for Humanity
Claire and Natalie show off houses!
Gingerbread Houses - Claire and Natalie
Some of the houses people made.
Gingerbread Houses - the houses!
Natalie and her latest creation
Gingerbread Houses - Natalie
Kevin working on his pledge manual at the gingerbread table.
Gingerbread Houses - Kevin
WEDNESDAY - Red Cross Blood Drive (last minute deal, we totally didn't know we'd been signed up for this back in April)
THURSDAY - Beads for the Bayou, mardi gras bead sales to benefit Red Cross Hurricane Relief (we also sold left over gingerbread stuff as "kits")
FRIDAY - Peace at Home Thrift Shop
SATURDAY - Cookies for Soldiers, Pledge Class Project - over 400 cookies were made for local troops (at my daddy's house! yah!)
I forgot to bring my camera to the event. I made a lumpy dachshund cookie!
Cookies for Soldiers
This event really rocked my socks off! Courtney, the project chair, did a FANTASTIC job and it was so fun. We got to watch movies (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Finding Nemo, and The Princess Bride) and daddy cooked food we brought in a "steak thang" format. Country Bob's steak sauce is the best ever!!
Fun and a half!

Share your stories share your love.
If you have more pictures, please post them/send them in!!
Go team Beta Rho!

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