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Oct. 19th, 2005 | 07:44 pm
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music: The sounds of battle!
posted by: seerofthethread in betarho

As some of you may already know, Krissy, the gavel and I went on a road trip yesterday. This is the story of that trip.

We saw a man riding a horse on an overpass. While we have no clue whether the overpass was open to traffic or not, we do know why they were up there. The horse was very depressed and was comtemplating jumping to his death, taking his rider and possibly a random motorist or two out with him. I apologize profusely for not getting a picture of this. I was too busy being staring.

In Conway there was a giant red fire hydrant. They were trying to lure Clifford the Big Red Dog for nefarious purposes.

The Gavelgot to ride shotgun with me. Passing semis is scary.

We decided to go to Petit Jean, and on the way there, we paseed by Perryville, home of Peggy Sue. We thought about eating with her parents and maybe kidnapping her brother, but decided we weren't hungry enough yet.

Once there, Krissy and The Gavel posed for picture or two. What a veiw! The Gavel was very amused by how tiny the cows were from up there.

The Gavel then stopped for a moment at the grave of Jean herself. He thought it was a very nice place to be buried, but that it was kind or sad that she was the only one there. Especially if it was because all her friends were vampires and aren't dead yet. ( The Gavel would like to note here that while you have vampires to be afraid of, he has termites, sightings of which are much more frequent and who travel in swarms.)

The gavel was very suprised that this city was so close. He always imagined it was much harder to get to.

I think The Gavel may be on a diet, which is stupid since he is so hot. He had next to nothing for dinner. I think he may have been embarased about having to use a booster seat.. I let him sit on my jacket since those things are so hard.

The Gavel is still very sorry about an event that happened later that night. He and I tell ourselves that he had Aids and once killed a man. It makes us feel better. But only a little.

Earlier today, I walked in on the gavel being very naughty!

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